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Running With Scissors

My Top Three ….sharp and very affordable “finds” of 2013

Perfect Scissors (small) by Karen Kay Buckley
Even though the total length is only 4” with 1” blades, they pack a serious wallop with their micro serrations which grip the fabric as they cut. The sharp edges extend all the way to the tips, and they cut ever so cleanly. Also appreciated are the soft handles.

Perfect Scissors (Curved) by Karen Kay Buckley

Need to clip your threads closely to the fabric?  Here’s the perfect solution.  These also have the serrated blades (3/4”) which will take a “bite” out of embroidery threads as well as cutting away stabilizers. The blades are curved which add control and visibility. 
Extreme Edge Titanium by Westcott
When cutting multiple fabric layers or craft-type materials such as Craf-tex, these are up to the challenge. Especially appreciated is the included tool to adjust the pressure. 

Special Note: These three scissors are so special they need to be hidden from anyone who might want to cut anything other than sewing room materials!

For the New Year
It's A Wrap Bolster Cover
The bolster cover you'll love to make...and give. Included in this pattern are designs for four wraps to go with the basic bolster cover. Makes use of the Bosal Bolster Form 9" x 18" and Bosal 2 1/2" Square Fusible Grid.
Perfect for dorm, family room & bedroom.