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Faces of Retail & Bare Necessitiez

On my recent travels I was privileged to meet lots of quilt shop owners who do a superlative job with their customers so we decided to feature them in our newsletters. Below are three of Michigan’s finest.

When asked why Eazy Peazy doesn’t sell retail, the reason is shop owners such as these—our friends and business partners.

 Bare Necessitiez - Our latest pattern

Bare Necessitiez is the ideal crossbody or shoulder bag for tweens, teens or adults.

Made with two Bosal 8 inch circle mug rug forms it's not only unique but Eazy to make. The zipper security pocket is perfect for a cell phone plus there's a pocket to keep credit cards and a driver's license safe but easily reachable.

Cute and lightweight Bare Necessitiez is even fat quarter friendly.

Bare Necessitiez is available now through your favorite distributors.

We "sew" appreciate your business