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Best Bay Sitters Ever!

Eazy Peazy Gal says there is an open invitation while at Quilt Market in Houston to stop by and meet UNA-corn and Shape-a-Saurus appearing for the entire week in three booths: Bosal Foam and Fiber with Rolando Berdion or Benartex/Contempo Fabrics with Christa Watson or Checker Distributors under the care of our many friends there.

These unique Activity Centers and Treasure Keepers are perfect for the toys, crayons, smartphone and all the other little items handy to keep young children busy when they should be seen and not heard.

The designs were inspired by the primary colors of Christa Watson’s fabulous fabrics such as Fandangle, Modern Marks and Abstract Garden while on the inside we made use of the quality interfacings from Bosal such as Dura-fuse and In-R-Form.