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Got Cookies?

Tired of making cookies?
Ditch the chilling of the dough, the rolling, the measuring, the checking the over to see if the cookies are done. 

Instead, try this wonderful Cranberry Banana Bread which uses less sugar and fat than most and you get to enjoy the “tangy” flavor of the cranberries. Mix the batter in one bowl, and 70 minutes later you’ll have enough to serve a crowd.
Helpful hints: Throw your ripe bananas (peel and all) into the freezer for future use. When the time comes, thaw and squeeze the insides into the batter. Grease the bread pan with Crisco, or use Pam spray. Butter sometimes doesn’t release the loaf neatly.
I freeze cranberries whole, then add them frozen to the batter. No need to thaw. Suggest baking just a few minutes longer.
Cool the loaf pan on a rack for 10-15 minutes, run a knife around the outside the bread, and then turn over to release.
If desired, spread some cream cheese between the slices, and cut into smaller bites. Here's a link to this special recipe.

Thank you for your support, and friendship this past year.
Merry Christmas!