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November 2011 Eazy Peazy Gal

Announcing the Eazy Peazy Gal Club

The Eazy Peazy Gal “club” for our quilt shop friends has no dues, no rules and no meetings. 

The purpose is to share ideas on topics like sewing, household hints, favorite recipes and lots more. The “club” meets whenever you want on the “Eazy Peazy Freebeez” page on our web site.

You will find items and ideas are for sharing with your customers. 

Take a look at the sewing hints for binding non-square corners or installing a magnetic snap. The clear, well-written instructions are accompanied by great illustrations and are perfect for a “mini-event” demonstration to bring customers in to your shop. They take the “fear” out of these sewing techniques and customers will really be appreciative. New items are being added all the time for you to download and print.

 One of our favorites is “No Lumpy Bumpy Binding,” please let us know what you think.

 And lastly feel free to send us your special ideas or techniques to share with all the Eazy Peazy Gals running quilt shops…our friends and business partners.

 Expanded shop listings

During the exciting (but exhausting) Quilt Market this year it was thrilling to meet shop owners who often said, “We have your patterns!” So, we’ve added lots of new names to our web page listing shops carrying Eazy Peazy patterns. 

Since we do not and will not sell retail, the listing of shops by state is important.  If you stock our patterns and are not on shown please let us know and we will add your shop. Click here to send us an email. Please include your name, your shop’s name, city, state and country. 

Eazy Peazy patterns are sold in several foreign countries, but we lack listings for some states right here in the good old USA. Since we are frequently contacted by consumers wishing to purchase patterns directly, it’s great to be able to refer them to a nearby shop. 

“Increasing business through add on sales…GUARANTEED”

Speaking of Houston, in case you couldn’t make it there here is a link to my presentation at Schoolhouse with some thoughts and ideas about increasing quilt shop sales. Feel free to download it and share it with your staff. 

Cool News-Checker iPhone App

In case you missed it, Checker Distributors has their own iPhone App which puts the shop owner in instant touch with their best selling products and makes ordering easy. To me the most amazing thing is that each Creative Grids ruler will have a chip imbedded leading to an smartphone video demonstrating use of the ruler.