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January 2012 Susan Cleveland

Quilt On - Susan Cleveland

JANUARY 2012 - Susan Cleveland of Pieces Be With You (don’t you love the name?) has a wonderful signature line on her correspondence, “Quilt on”.

Her way with words and bubbly personality carries over into her life as a designer. 

Susan is known for her handy tools, patterns, books, national teaching credentials, and award winning quilts. Her start in the judged arena occurred at an American Quilter’s Society show in Paducah, Ky.  “I didn’t realize you don’t start with one of the biggest shows,” smiles Susan but she caught the attention of the judges and attendees and her teaching career was launched. 

For an added bonus was the fact she had developed new techniques and several notions. Her first was the Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool but there are also the Prairie Pointer Tool and a line of thread.

 She told me, “My greatest strength is that I’m able to tackle a difficult task, break it down, and develop easier, more accurate ways of accomplishing it. I used to be an engineer and I think my brain just goes in that direction.”  


“I love teaching and presenting programs plus on a typical day, I love packing Internet orders. I feel like Santa Claus (we have the same initials, ‘ya know)”.  Her dreams for the future include more YouTube videos and DVD’s of her techniques to meet the needs of the visual learners and a tool to aid in more accurate piecing. 

Her line of notions and thread came from need. “I strive to do things easier with greater accuracy. The tools do this for me and others. Heavy decorative thread is an important part of my work and I do a line of 12 wt cotton solids for WinderFil.” 

Susan gives credit to the great quilter, Libby Lehman who encouraged her from the beginning. “I admire her art, her ethics, and her sense of humor greatly. I’m grateful she saw something in me early on.” 

Learn more about Susan and her company at Here’s hoping that Susan Cleveland will “Quilt On” for a long, long time!

Susan's Psycodelic Big Bang Quilt