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June 2012

Eazy Peazy Quilts wants to be of help to quilt shop owners…our customers and friends. Our website has lots of helpful items all at no charge.

Eazy Peazy Gal Freebeez
Downloadables…This is the place to find useful one page instructional sheets to download and print. Many shop owners share these with their customers to explain things such as:
• Installing magnetic snaps
• Binding non-square quilt corners
• Binding that lies perfectly smooth even where it begins and ends.

There’s even a handout with dimensions for the Bakeshop pre-cuts.

If you like needlepoint we have the instructions for a Christmas ornament and if you want to use your stash without even touching your machine, there are instructions for making a canvas floor cloth.

These make great handouts – an “added extra” - for in store demos. One shop owner keeps several baskets with demonstration materials for various techniques. When a customer has a question, out comes the appropriate basket and like magic there’s an impromptu demo for anyone who wants to watch. Brilliant!

Just For Quilt Shop Owners
Would you like to have an Eazy Peazy trunk show?
It’s almost free.
Your only cost is the postage to mail the samples back to us! Just click on the heart for details.

Also on Just For Quilt Shop Owners is a printable catalog sheet showing all Eazy Peazy patterns and other “treasures” with timely information about running a quilt shop. Click here to see all the neat things available.